Sunday, April 6, 2014

484 - Ernie McAnally

About This Player
Ernie McAnally pitched in four Major League seasons with the Montreal Expos from 1971 to 1974. McAnally was drafted originally by the New York Mets in 1966, but he was selected later by the Expos in the expansion draft in 1968.

McAnally was in the Expos' starting rotation for his four seasons. His rookie season proved to be his finest with career highs in wins (11), innings pitched (177.2), and complete games (8).

In 1975, McAnally's contract was purchased by the Cleveland Indians. He spent the season in the minor leagues before retiring from the game.

About This Card
Just as the Topps cartoon states, McAnally, just like many other Major League Baseball players at the time, had jobs during the off-season.


  1. I wonder if he went back into the insurance business after his playing career.

    1. I had read another blog post where he said that he was a banker (or at least was when the post was written.)

  2. I have a copy of 1971 Complete Handbook of Baseball. Many of the player bio's indicate what they did in the off season. I'll make a will be funny not only in that players had to get jobs in the off season at the that time but many of the jobs no longer exist.

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