Frequently Asked Questions

Why 1973 Topps Baseball?
When I returned to the hobby after college, I decided to make building Topps sets one of my collecting goals.  In addition to having a nice collection, the Topps sets read like a review of each year and keep a history of the game.  Now I have every Topps set complete from 1974 through today (minus a few Traded sets.)  Now it is time for 1973.

Why do you use "Set Builder" in the title of your blog?
I want to to focus on the aspect of building the set and to differentiate it from other Topps year-specific blogs.  I like to comment on the history of the players and teams, the photography, the design and anything else related to the activity of building a complete set.

How come you do not post each card in order?
First, doing so mixes up the types of cards I get to post, reduces any monotony and allows for some variety in my posts.  Second, it emphasizes the set building aspect in that I do not find cards for the set in order.

How are you building this set?
The majority of the set is built by, first, buying lots from eBay and, next, buying single cards.  The lots allow me to start the set with a large number of cards in a quick and affordable way.  Afterwards, I start buying singles to fill in any holes in the set.  Some cards have been given to me from trades or gifts from other collectors.

Does the condition of a card matter?
Most of the time, no.  I will take any 1973 Topps card that is new to my set regardless of the condition within reason.  Many of the cards have rounded corners.  Some have creases.  Others even have writing, and that does not include the checklists.  The condition of the card shows some character and history to the card itself and it gives me a reminder others who would have enjoyed the card before it arrived in my collection.  Allowing for any condition has also made building the set more affordable.

How do you store your cards?
Cards for the set are stored in an Ultra Pro binder with Ultra Pro 9-pocket pages.  I enjoy paging through the set to look at the card fronts and read the card backs.  I can look through my set at anytime without fear of damage from handling the cards.  This is part of the fun in being a set builder.

What do you do with the side pocket on the spine of the binder?
Most people like to place an blank card inside the pocket to label their set.  I like to place an extra card from the set of a player from that year's World Series championship team.  For 1973, there will be an Oakland A's card.  I wait until the set is complete before I place the extra card in the side pocket.  At this moment, I do not know which card will be in that side pocket.

What will you do with the set once it is completed?
The set, in its binder, will be stored in a bookshelf along with the other Topps sets I have built.  I have no plans to sell the completed set.

Will you be completing any other Topps Baseball sets?
Yes.  My plan is to continue building backwards for each set.  Building back to 1952 is quite are far and lofty goal, but for now I am only going back one year at a time.  After 1973 is complete, I will work on 1972.

Can I add your site to my blog listing?
Yes.  If you have a blog, please send me an e-mail and I will add yours to my listing, as well.