Tuesday, November 27, 2012

603 - Rookie Third Basemen (Terry Hughes / Bill McNulty / Ken Reitz)

About These Players
Terry Hughes was only in the big leagues briefly in three seasons.  Hughes played in only two games with a total of three at bats for the Chicago Cubs in 1970.  He returned to the Majors in 1973 with the St. Louis Cardinals with whom he spent only 11 games and spent 1974 in 41 games with the Boston Red Sox.

Bill McNulty played in a total of nine games with the Oakland A's in 1969 and 1972.  Though he was traded to the Texas Rangers in 1973, he never played a game on the big league roster.

Out of the three players, Ken Reitz had the most successful career.  Reitz made his big league debut in 1972 and earned the starting third base spot immediately after being called up.  In his 11-year career, Reitz played with the St. Louis Cardinals in eight of them.  Known for his defense, Reitz won the Gold Glove in 1975 and led all National League third basemen in fielding percentage in six seasons.  Reitz earned his only All-Star selection in 1980.

About This Card
Hughes, McNulty and Reitz all appear for their first times in the 1973 set.  Hughes appears as a Cub, even though he was on the Cardinals roster and appeared in some games in 1973.  McNulty was in the Rangers organization in 1973, but never played a game for Texas.

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  1. Not much can be said about Bill McNulty's MLB career (1 hit in 29 ABs), but he is a virtual Crash Davis of the Minor Leagues. Over a strange 10 year minor league career he slugged 237 home runs. His high water mark was in 1974 when he hit 55 in the PCL (he wasn't alone Gorman Thomas hit 51 hr). This mark is one of all time best in the PCL but it is given an asterik because McNulty team (Sacremento Solons) played in a football stadium that only had 233 ft from home to left field stands. Read about here; http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1088725/index.htm

    Just one clairification: McNulty never officially played for the Texas organization, he was traded to the Mets before 73 season began, and then was traded to the Brewers organization for 1974.