Tuesday, November 20, 2012

78 - Richie Scheinblum

About This Player
Richie Scheinblum played eight seasons in the Major Leagues with six different teams.  Scheinblum made his big league debut in 1965 with the Cleveland Indians and spent the early part of his career bouncing in and out of the minors.

However, Scheinblum had his finest season with the Royals in 1972.  He played as the team's starting right fieldr and hit .300 becoming the only Jewish switch-hitter to bat .300 during a full season.  He also earned an All-Star selection that year.

Scheinblum's career faded quickly.  His batting average dropped and he bounced around five different teams in the next two years.  Scheinblum played his final game in 1974.

About This Card
An interesting fact as detailed on the back of his card was that Scheinblum hit his first home run on the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.  Scheinblum was not regarded as much of a power hitter and would go on to hit on 13 home runs throughout this eight-year career.


  1. Scheinblum was the hitting star of first half of the 1972 season, once reaching a .341 BA. But he had alot things going against him in a pre DH age, no speed and poor fielding, weakness with LHP that prevented him a regular job. I've heard the term AAA+ or AAAA used with players like him. Too good for the minors but can't stick in the big. His minor league season in Denver in 1971 may be one the best at that level in the 40 years since.

  2. A little trivia: Richie was the last Royal to wear #5 before George Brett.