Thursday, March 18, 2010

658 - Elliott Maddox

About This Player
Elliott Maddox, a first round draft pick for the Tigers, made his Major League debut in 1970. Maddox was later traded to the Senators along with Denny McLain, Norm McRae and Don Wert to the Washington Senators for Ed Brinkman, Joe Coleman, Jim Hannan and Aurelio Rodriguez. He arrived in Texas when the Senators moved to become the Rangers. During his time with the Texas Rangers, Maddox played all three outfield positions and third base.  However, Maddox would have better seasons with the Yankees, with whom he ranked 8th in the American League MVP vote in 1974.  Maddox would later play for the Orioles and Mets.

About This Card
Elliott Maddox is one of the high numbered cards in the 1973 Topps baseball set.  1973 was the last year that Topps distributed their flagship cards in separate series.  In the case of this set, 1973 Topps consisted of five series of 132 card each.  The high numbered cards are unique because they were printed in much lower productions numbers than the rest of the set.  With the 5th series being produced late in the season, interest in baseball wanes toward the end kids are less interested in baseball by the time this series is released.  As such, Topps produced them in lower number.

What this means for a collector looking to build the 1973 set today is that the high numbered cards demand a premium in price.  A high numbered common, such as Elliott Maddox, sells for about $1-3 dollars each with star cards demanding more.  Fortunately, I had acquired this card, along with about 40 other high numbered cards, at the Valley West card show earlier this month for $22.

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