Tuesday, March 8, 2011

648 - Tom Egan

About This Player
Tom Egan played ten seasons at the Major League level.  Egan began his career with in California and played six season as the Angels' backup catcher until he was traded to the White Sox after the 1970 season.  Egan played two season in Chicago as the White Sox's backup catcher. 

After a horrid 1972 season in which he batted .191, Egan was sent to the minors and spent the entire 1973 season with the Iowa Oaks of the American Association.  Egan was selected by the Angels in the Rule 5 draft prior to the 1974 season and remained on the big league roster for the next two seasons.

On September 28, 1974, Egan caught Nolan Ryan's third no-hit game.

About This Card
The White Sox have gone through a lot of uniform changes throughout their history, probably more so than any other Major League Baseball team.  However, it always puzzled me why, from 1971 through 1975, the White Sox wore red.  The color always makes me think of another Major League Baseball team on the east coast.


  1. Maybe Dick Allen wouldn't join the White Sox unless their uniforms looked like that certain east coast team? heh heh

  2. I was looking up the rosters of white sox from the era. I'm surprised that Egan spent 1973 while Chuck Brinkman moved to the second spot. Offensively Egan was John Bench compared to Brinkman.

  3. I was not alive in 1973 so I do not have personal memory to work from in writing about players. My sources are Baseball-Reference.com and then whatever is available from the internet, and not much is written about Tom Egan.

    I did find it very interesting that Egan played in 50 games for the '72 White Sox and played in 92 games for AAA Iowa. I would be interested to know the reasons Egan was sent down.