Tuesday, April 5, 2011

437 - John Kennedy

About This Player
John Kennedy enjoyed twelve Major League seasons with five different teams.  Kennedy made his big league debut with the Washington Senators in 1962 and played his first full season as the team's primary third baseman and 1964.  After he was traded to the Dodgers in 1965, Kennedy became a utility infielder playing third, shortstop and second base.  Kennedy joined the Red Sox in 1970 and played until his retirement in 1974.

John Kennedy also had a unique distinction of having his name and birthday shared with President John F. Kennedy, who was born 24 years before.

About This Card
Although Kennedy is show with 2nd BASE as his position, INFIELD would probably be more appropriate.  In 1972, Kennedy played 32 games at 2nd base, 27 games at shortstop and 11 games at third base.  In 1973, Kennedy played 31 at 2nd and 24 at 3rd.


  1. Topps never used a generic "infield" silhouette in '73. I guess they needed to place him somewhere in the field. I have noticed a few cards, especially of utility players, where a player was placed at a position that was his 2nd- or 3rd-most played position.

  2. I never realized that until you posted. The sets before and after listed multiple positions for utility infielders. Another thing that makes the 1973 set unique.