Wednesday, April 13, 2011

619 - Billy Wilson

About This Player
Bill Wilson pitched in relief with the Philadelphia Phillies during his five Major League seasons.  Wilson made his big league debut in 1969.  However, throughout his career, Wilson had bounced in and out of the minors.  Wilson pitched his last Major League came in 1973.  Wilson did play a full season for the minor league Reading Phillies in 1974, but retired after the end of the season.

Wilson died on August 13, 1993.

About This Card
The backs of the 1973 Topps cards show the player's full name, which most Topps sets did not do.  The last Topps set to show a player's full name on the back was in 1974.

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  1. Nice shot of an almost-new Veterans Stadium in the background. In later years, they changed to all-blue seats.